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Starting in 2024 with lots of news and a feeling of a new look for our Store. We therefore decided to present to you, exclusively, a new concept, more refined and with all the sophistication that you, Prestige Lingerie customers deserve. Do you know the concept of our new collection Extasis Lingerie Couture ?

Each Extasis piece is manufactured as if it were unique. Our quality standard begins with the selection of each raw material, whether in the touch and fit of the fabrics, in the softness of each elastic, in the sophistication of the lace, in the technical adjustment of the models and in the meticulous details that finish off Extasis Lingerie with refinement. 

Our principle is to work to offer the best lingerie down to the smallest detail, confirming the Lingerie Couture concept in all products. 

The products that make up the Extasis collections are developed in microfibers with a soft and extremely soft touch, providing the best sensations of comfort and well-being. For elastics, the microfilament structure of the elastane thread, in addition to providing greater elasticity, guarantees longevity and color intensity with the use of the pieces. Embroidered lace adds sophistication and refinement, which combined with meticulous manual finishing, whether in embroidery or applications, adds a touch of elegance to every detail. The benefits of this careful selection of raw materials, linked to quality attributes in product manufacturing, are characteristics that reflect the excellence of each Extasis product. 

Check out exclusive images of our collections, with incredible productions and innovative concepts. 

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